Wild Mountain Cofounder Hosts Bird by Bird & Beyond with Anne Lamott

Hi Wild Mountain Types,

I wanted to share with you the news of an event I’m hosting: Bird by Bird & Beyond with Anne Lamott on January 18, 2014 at the Sonoma Sheraton in Petaluma, CA. Bird by Bird & Beyond offers a rare opportunity to hear Anne Lamott talk specifically on the topic of writing.  Lamott’s keynote, “Almost Every Single Thing I Know About Writing,” promises to hold all that great funny, poignant encouragement and practical get-yourself-in-the-chair-and-write advice that we loved in her book Bird by Bird. Tickets are on sale here. The first 100 tickets will be sold at the early bird price of 395 dollars.

Please find a full description of the event below and more details here on WritingIsMyDrink.com.

Questions? Email me at theonestor@yahoo.com.

Love to see you there!


Cofounder, Wild Mountain Memoir Retreat

The full scoop on Bird by Bird & Beyond:

Bird by Bird and Beyond will be a day focused on building storytelling skills and work strategies for writers and others interested in personal narrative. This event is open to everyone. No previous writing experience required.

In the morning Theo Pauline Nestor, Candace Walsh, and Tanya Taylor Rubinstein will teach a series of classes in the three most popular genres of personal narrative: Memoir, Essay, and Solo Performance. The classes’ primary focus will be on concrete techniques that build a story up and hold it together; the secondary focus will be on understanding and developing our own individual styles of work and developing strategies that get us to the work and keep us there.

After lunch and an on-stage interview with Nestor, Anne Lamott will give her talk “Almost Every Single Thing I Know About Writing,” during which she’ll share with us not only how she does what she does so well but also “why writing might be a matter of life and death” and the beloved topics of “messes,” “hysteria,” and “despair.” The talk will be followed by a Q &A session and a book signing.


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